Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Labels We Love: Zutano

I knew Zutano was a brand I was going to like when I received their baby socks from no fewer than three separate women I admire for my baby shower.
Fact: Socks are the gateway drug of baby apparel.

They have colorful, cute-but-not-cutesy basics plus some of the most adorable hats.

I mean, seriously, it's enough to make you want to have a baby.  Or steal one.  Just to buy tiny colorful baby hats.

I'm looking to pick up these soft little booties for fall (let's see her try to pull these off in the stroller, mwah-hah-hahaha!!) and some of their brand new line of crib bedding to perk up the nursery.

Sidebar: What is the statute of limitation on calling the baby's room a "nursery?"  I think I've hit it, but it just sounds so adorable.

I've found that the sizes run a little large, so keep that in mind when choosing seasonal items which might have a built in expiration date.  Like baby thighs getting too squeezable for a certain pair of leggings.

Also, Zutano frequently appears on flash sale site Zulily, so if you feel like stalking and need an invite, hit me up.

Got a label you and your baby love?  Let me know! We are always looking for new attire!


  1. Can't believe I've never heard of this brand! That hot pink hat is so adorable that I have to buy it in 24 months, because it doesn't come in toddler sizes. But, hey, close enough, right?

  2. They have super cute stuff and, like I said, it does seem to run large. That hat is too sweet, enjoy!


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