Friday, September 9, 2011

Four: Diaper Bags

A diaper bag is one of the few things you get for YOU when you are getting ready to have a baby.  Everyone will constantly remind you that this will be your lifeline when the baby is on the outside, filled with everything you could possibly need the take care of your child while on the go.

All pregnancy magazines will tell you you need a bag to seamlessly go with every outfit, to be manly enough that your husband won't refuse to carry it, and easy to clean when things inevitably spill.  Which is all true, but it's easier said than found.

Plus, most diapers bags are designed with silly patterns that go with exactly zero outfits (I'll never understand the phenomenon whereby your baby accessories must look like they are designed for a child) or cost a ton of money (no joke, I saw a woman yesterday with a Gucci diaper bag.  GUCCI.  If I'm dropping that kind of cash on a bag, there is no way there is any chance I'll have to stuff my child's poop-stained onesie in it.  It looked nice, but get real.)  Seriously, most diaper bags made me want to hurl.  And it wasn't morning sickness.

But!  There are a few good options out there.  Coming up this afternoon, four diaper bags that look great, are functional, and exist at several price points.

No saltines needed.

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