Friday, September 30, 2011

Four: Beauty Treatments to Have Before Having a Baby

If I had really been thinking and money was no object, there are a bunch of beauty treatments I would have done before giving birth.  Obviously, hindsight is 20/20 and I'm the Monday night quarterback over here (and other such cliches), but I'm hoping others can benefit from my experience.

{1. Lasik}

I've been wearing glasses or contacts since the third grade.  Despite getting a brand new pair of glasses before the baby was born, I ended up wearing my contacts day and night for about...oh...three months.  Shocker when I got the eye infection, right?  Yeah...Lasik.

{2. Laser hair removal}

My alloted shower time these days is about 10 minutes.  On the weekends, I get about 15.  Let me tell you what I would rather not have to do when I'm really tired and in a rush.  Actually, this is all pretty self explanatory.

Funny how most of these revolve around lasers.

{3. Gel Pedicure}

I didn't even know these existed until the baby was at least 4 months old.  Still haven't gotten one yet because I'm looking for the downside (is there a downside? tell me!) but a semi-permanent pedicure?  Would have been perfect while I was waiting to go into labor and hoping the baby wouldn't outlast my nail polish.

{4. Eyelash Extensions}

I have super pale eyelashes and, as mentioned above, I wear contacts.  All of this necessitates lots of waterproof mascara and eye makeup.  Which was not really an option for the first couple of blurry post-partum months.  Eyelash extensions would have really helped bridge that gap.

There it is.  What did you do to get ready for having a baby?  Or what do you wish you had done?


  1. OMG! I had no idea that you started a new blog! What a bad follower I must be!!

    Have you had the gel polish mani yet? I have had several of them and it is quite the ordeal to remove the polish. My salon will only do the gel polish on manis for this reason. I'm not fond that my mani and pedi don't match exactly but I select shades that look pretty similar for my hands and feet. Please let me know if you had a gel pedi and what you thought.

  2. I had Lasik before The Pup, thank god. I don't think I would have survived all of those late nights without it! And, I'm in the middle of laser hair removal, before we start trying for #2...which should (ahem) help with the trying for #2, as well. :)

    My only things to add? Switched to ombre hair color (so I wasn't continually worrying about roots), and bought glasses. For night time. Because sometimes my post-lasik eyes get crazy blurry from lack of sleep. Go figure!

  3. Good think that you are already done with your lasik surgery.

  4. laser hair removal will surely save you time in the bathroom. The hassle of shaving is really tedious and time consuming. It's good to know that you have undergone this procedure. I will also do mine next week.

  5. Taking care of the foot is also essential. This is to improve your health.

  6. It is always important for a mother to take good care of herself. Staying healthy all the time will also bring good things to the baby in the future. As a woman, it is essential to have a moist and supple skin.

  7. I agree with Jennifer. Laser hair removal particularly velvet effect lasers can give you longer lasting effects compared to regular shaving.

  8. I think it's important for a woman to still put an effort in pampering herself and looking youthful and healthy despite having kids.


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