Saturday, September 24, 2011

Four: Baby Gifts to Stock Up On

Right now, I'm in that phase of life where all my friends are having babies. We passed that wave where most of them got married and now we are in the sweet spot where kids are popping up left and right.

So, I've gotten to the point where I should really have gifts on hand to bring to the kiss and coo meetings I've been attending lately. Because EVERYONE already has a Sophie, I've rounded up four inexpensive gifts that you can stockpile and hand out like Pez to any new baby who happens to show up.

We have all of these toys and they have saved us many times from crying fests, boredom, and are just all around awesome.  I've also included my favorite baby cream, which has a lovely scent and kept our baby soft all winter long.  If you are visiting as many new parents as I am, I highly recommend buying these things in bulk.

P.S. just launched a toy arm called and it's amazeballs.

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