Monday, September 19, 2011

Declaring Your Allegiance

There are a lot of decisions to make when you become a parent and each decision seems to land you in a kind of tribe with other like-minded parents.

Are you an attachment parent?  Do you follow a parent led schedule?  Do you sleep train with a cry-it-out mentality? What kind of stroller do you have? Et cetera...

It's pretty overwhelming.

But one choice must also be made...what kind of footwear are you choosing?

In New York, moms (well, dads too) seem to fall into two camps: Sperry Topsiders or TOMS.
Sperry vs. TOMS

The Sperry parents seem to enjoy a little more buttoned up preppy look, while the TOMS parents aim for more laid back dressed down ensembles.

For a while, I hung back and observed the various tribes in their natural habitats before deciding which one I wanted to join.  Finally, on Saturday, I declared my allegiance and bought the Montauk by Sperry Topsiders shown above.

I have to say...I love them.  They are comfortable, cute and easy to slip on and off (totally key when you have a kid).  The TOMS came up way too high on my foot (is it really called the vamp if it's made out of sweatshirt material?) and weren't that flattering.

Plus, the preppy Bret Easton Ellis meets Gossip girl thing suits me.

I guess that's my tribe.

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  1. I'm a fence straddler. I own classic Sperrys, and I own TOMS. However, I own 3 pair of TOMS and just bought my 4th (eek), so I guess that puts me over the line...

    I love your delineation of parenting styles based on shoes...too funny, and way too true!


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